Top Screenwriting Contests of 2018

By December 14, 2017 February 11th, 2018 Announcements

To ring in the new year, we've made a simple, downloadable screenplay competitions calendar with the all the dates and deadlines for the industry's top screenwriting contests of 2018!

Whether you're writing a feature screenplay, a short film or a TV pilot, mark your calendar with these deadlines!

As you may know, Coverfly is the industry’s largest database of unproduced screenplays, searchable by vetted industry professionals who are looking for good scripts.

Screenwriters have the most opportunities here, but if you're a short story writer, novelist or playwright, there are a few opportunities here for you as well! If there’s a contest you think should be on this list, please email -- or reach out to us on Twitter: @gocoverfly. You'll hear from us right away! We're here to help.

Click here to download our calendar of top screenwriting contests.