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New to Coverfly: WGA Verification

By October 17, 2022June 2nd, 2023Announcements

Get verified today and stay tuned for future perks for guild members.

Since early 2022, Coverfly has been allowing writers to verify their Writers Guild of America (WGA) membership. This allows industry professionals to search for WGA writers and allows writers to promote their accomplishments. After evaluating the verification method as well as talking to many of our users, Coverfly is pleased to announce that we have modified the WGA verification process to make it much simpler. The new process improves security and usability, and gives users the flexibility to add a few additional guilds to their profiles!

Previously, we were verifying WGA memberships by requiring users to upload images of their WGA member cards or membership IDs. We recognized that this required information that not all members wanted to provide or had convenient access to. The new verification process is safe and secure and much simpler

How Does It Work?

First, go to your settings page and find the "Are you a member of any guilds?" section.

Whether you’re signing up for Coverfly for the first time or going into your user settings to add your membership, it's as simple as designating that you are part of the WGA East or WGA West, and then depending on your selection, providing the link to your WGA public profile from the WGA Member directory.  It looks something like this:

New to Coverfly: WGA Verification

You can find your listing in the WGA "Find a Writer" directory by searching your name on the WGA directory.

Since we are asking for your public profile that is available to anyone on the internet, we do need to validate that you are the person listed in the URL above. We are asking you to upload an image/PDF of a letter/email from the WGA, or your WGA membership card. Please remove any and all sensitive information.

Once we determine your membership status (which may take 24-48 hours) your profile will include a “Verified WGA Member” badge. 

New to Coverfly: WGA Verification_badge



Additionally, industry professionals can find you by searching for WGA members!

Along with the new process, we have also added some additional guilds (with the plan to add more in the future) that can be included in your profile if you belong to them and decide to include them.
the updated process.

Try it out now!

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