Our Story

Coverfly was born when the teams behind ScreenCraft and WeScreenplay partnered in 2017 to solve some serious problems they saw with Hollywood's decentralized and messy screenwriting talent-discovery process.

Coverfly's purpose is to provide centralization for the entertainment industry to discover diverse, talented new voices in screenwriting from all of the best-regarded screenwriting competitions, fellowships, labs, festivals and talent-discovery programs.

Coverfly connects emerging writers with the industry, guiding writers to improve their craft and career through partnerships with top competitions, fellowships, and coverage providers.  We offer a variety of programs to showcase great talent, while being good stewards of aspiring writers as they determine their next step forward.

Our Team

As a team, we routinely collaborate and iterate on strategies with a focus on results.  Three core values keep us aligned: curiosity, trust, and impact.  We foster a culture of constant learning and improvement where teammates work together to accomplish user-focused initiatives. We're hiring!

Scot Lawrie

President / CTO

Software engineer and problem-solving guru, Scot spent years tapping on a piece of plastic in just the right way to create Coverfly. He has a great recipe for fried Okra, but he forgot it.


Thomas Dever

Head of Writer Success

Tom Dever is a fiercely proud Ohio native and independent film producer who shamelessly loves college football, microbudget cinema, professional wrestling, and, above all, working with writers.

Mark Stasenko

Head of Operations

Mark formerly co-founded WeScreenplay. He learned to write through reading great scripts, receiving countless pages of feedback from excellent readers, and late nights getting new ideas on the page. He was most recently a writer on a Netflix show.

John Rhodes

Head of Marketing and Business Development

John has worked in script development on such projects as The Grey starring Liam Neeson, Rabbit Hole starring Nicole Kidman, and Drive starring Ryan Gosling. He co-founded ScreenCraft Media in 2013. He doesn't know where he parked his car.

Julianna Hartke

Reader Coordinator

A writer, independent producer, and script analyst, Julianna has been involved in film development and production for over ten years. She is easily lost in the city, but always knows the nearest game store or coffee shop.

Mitch Lusas

Head of Product

Having marketed theatrical features and built products for the likes of Disney, Paramount, and Netflix; Mitch knows a thing or two about developing projects. Just don’t ask him his age… he doesn't remember it.

Micah Goldman

Script Analyst

Micah Goldman got his start as a production assistant for multiple seasons on the NBC show The Office. Later on, he wrote and executive produced a pilot presentation for Fox Television Studios that was released on Hulu.com. Currently, provides detailed screenplay and pilot notes for both established and up-and-coming writers.

Magdalena Waz

Product and Account Manager

Magdalena is a writer, editor, and producer from Krakow, Poland. She hates watermelon but loves a good farmers' market.

Jeff Kimball

Script Analyst

After receiving his Master's Degree in Screenwriting from New York Film Academy Burbank, Jeff has been involved with the Lifetime and Hallmark channels as a way to satisfy his love for genre and thrillers. Although he hails from the town of Manchester by the Sea, he is unfortunately not responsible for the Oscar-winning screenplay.

Jen Rothenwander

Social Media and Customer Success Manager

Jen loves a good story, and has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of social media and human interaction. She’s currently raising a tiny human to be the superhero of her own stories. Jen firmly believes balance is the key to life which is why she always orders fries with her salad.