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We're a team of writers, techies, and dreamers, obsessed with disrupting the way Hollywood discovers new talent and content.
Alex Greenfelder
Client Success Manager
Alex grew up in The O.C., which was made famous by the hit teen drama The O.C., where he dreamed of becoming a monster truck driver or Hollywood writer. Now that he’s working with Hollywood writers, and he previously produced live Monster Jam shows, the progress of those dreams is classified as “close enough.”
Alexey Frolov
Frontend Engineer
Alexey is a web developer who loves attractive UI. As a former chemist, he knows better than most when code really smells. While cycling and XC-skiing are his favorite activities, he doesn't mind participating in (trail)running events whenever possible.
Allison Andrea Rosales
Customer Support Specialist
Allison is a customer support specialist from Honduras. A dog, duck, and guinea pig mother who loves to poorly recreate tasty recipes. And her dream is to retire in a farmhouse full of llamas and baby goats.
Chris Roberts
Tech Lead
Hailing from the Deep South, Chris is still trying to figure out if LA is Los Angeles or Lower Alabama. A code slinger since the days of using a TRS-80 to learn BASIC, he moonlights as an avid reader, an overgrown gamer, and a wannabe sommelier.
Dan Porter
Head of Product
Dan is a Pacific Northwest Native. He grew up in Alaska and now resides in Oregon. When he is not helping his team solve product & technology problems, he loves being in the mountains - preferably on two wheels.
Delenn Kerkhof
Writer Development Coordinator
Avid Yogi, wine enthusiast, and Packer fan, Delenn leads with her values first. Using her experience in film Sales & Distribution, Development, and DEI, she aims to create lasting change in the entertainment industry - and beyond - by elevating diverse perspectives and voices.
El Nino Maulana
UI Designer
El Nino is a designer and illustrator. When he’s not in front of his computer designing things, he’s usually lifting weight or playing video games.
Emily Peck
Story Analyst
Emily is a writer and analyst who loves a good story, especially one that takes her someplace she's never been. She's still trying to figure out what happened on LOST. 
Erin English
Growth Marketing Manager
As a theater minor, Erin once dreamed of being a reenactor on medical and paranormal drama television shows. Her talents lie elsewhere, however, and she soon discovered a passion for storytelling. In her downtime, Erin likes to walk and play with her dog (Arwen), sleep, read, and watch unholy amounts of reality television.
Geoffroy Faugerolas
Sr. Manager of Writer Development
Geoffroy Faugérolas [Jeffrey] helps lead writer advocacy, industry outreach and packaging efforts at Coverfly. He produced and directed content for major record labels, #1 billboard artists and Fortune 500 companies. He worked at three major film studios, two TV production companies and one major agency but still can’t tie a tie.
Gillian Escalante
Customer Support Team Lead
Bullied in high school because her last name sounded like the spanish word for "climbing" (very funny, bullies!), Gillian developed the thick skin requisite of any Customer Support Team Lead.
Jeff Kimball
Sr. Story Analyst
After receiving his Master's Degree in Screenwriting from New York Film Academy Burbank, Jeff has been involved with the Lifetime and Hallmark channels as a way to satisfy his love for genre and thrillers. Although he hails from the town of Manchester by the Sea, he is unfortunately not responsible for the Oscar-winning screenplay.
Jen Rothenwander
Social Media Manager
Jen loves a good story, and has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of social media and human interaction. She’s currently raising a tiny human to be the superhero of her own stories. Jen firmly believes balance is the key to life which is why she always orders fries with her salad.
Julianna Hartke
Reader Manager
A writer, independent producer, and script analyst, Julianna has been involved in film development and production for over ten years. She is easily lost in the city, but always knows the nearest game store or coffee shop.
Maggie Waz
Director of Operations
Maggie is a writer, editor, and recovering teacher from Kraków, Poland. She hates watermelon but loves farmers' markets, maps, and figuring out how things work. 
Nate Witty
Web Developer/Designer
Hailing from Michiganohiosouthcarolina with a mechanical engineering degree from Duke University, Nate moved to LA to make it big in the movies. Now, many years later, he is excited to be helping others achieve their own dreams in Hollywood.
Pear Benjasirichai
Director of Growth Marketing
Pit bull mom with a severe case of selective Kuchisabishii syndrome, where she impulsively eats when watching K-Drama or cooking shows. Avoiding The Great British Bake Off is a daily struggle. Pear believes in the healing power of dogs, Neil deGrasse Tyson, bidet, and Thanos. Life goals: do one muscle-up, learn Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.
Peter Bedor
Frontend Engineer
From humble code farmer to full-stack developer, Peter has spent the better part of a decade typing into a computer to make things happen the way they're supposed to, sometimes. As an avid lover of film grain, he spends the majority of his free time exposing little rectangles of light sensitive material to whatever catches his fancy.
Rebecca Rozakis
Senior Director of Marketing
Rebecca Rozakis started as a mechanical engineer, but the Killer Robot Incident made her reconsider. Marketing seemed so much safer. She writes novels instead of screenplays (which makes her weird around here).
Sandrene Mathews
Customer Success Specialist
Amateur psychologist. Recovering actor. I give voice to ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Currently writing your future self's favorite show.
Scot Lawrie
Co-Founder, Advisor
Software engineer and problem-solving guru, Scot spent years tapping on a piece of plastic in just the right way to create Coverfly. He has a great recipe for fried Okra, but he forgot it.
Theresa Jeebe
Story Analyst
As an actor and writer, Theresa loves a good story, especially one that makes her laugh. She is originally from Germany but was raised on Gilmore Girls and Pop-Tarts. Unlike America, she doesn't run on Dunkin but on black coffee.
Tom Dever
Director of Development
Tom Dever is a fiercely proud Ohio native and independent film producer who shamelessly loves college football, microbudget cinema, professional wrestling, and, above all, working with writers.  
V Renée
Content Manager
V has spent the last decade writing and editing articles about screenwriting and all phases of film production. Her dog has way too many nicknames, but that's okay because he's a very good boy.

Our Story

Coverfly was born when the teams behind ScreenCraft and WeScreenplay partnered in 2017 to solve some problems they saw with Hollywood's decentralized and messy screenwriting talent-discovery process.
Our purpose is to provide centralization for the entertainment industry to discover diverse, talented new voices in screenwriting from all of the best-regarded screenwriting competitions, fellowships, labs, festivals and talent-discovery programs. 
We connect emerging writers with the industry, guiding writers to improve their craft and career through partnerships with top competitions, fellowships, and coverage providers. We offer a variety of programs to showcase great talent, while being good stewards of aspiring writers as they determine their next step.

Join Our Team

We are driven, determined, problem-solvers who love to champion undiscovered writers and their scripts. If you feel the same, we can’t wait to hear from you.
We currently don't have any job openings.
Frontend Engineer (Remote)
Remote, Product & Engineering, Full-Time
Coverfly is seeking a remote Front End Engineer to own the architecture and development of new and innovative user interfaces. You will be an integral member of our scrappy team of five which includes a Tech Lead, Head of Product, Web Developer, UX/UI Designer, and CTO. Our team is nimble, responsive, collaborative, and passionate about our mission to help screenwriters get discovered. We value curiosity, trust, and impact, and we foster a culture of constant learning and improvement where teammates work together to accomplish user-focused initiatives.
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Marketing Associate (Remote)
Remote, Marketing, Full-Time
Coverfly is seeking an adaptable remote Marketing Associate to drive consumer awareness and engagement for our consumer audience through effective, innovative and inspiring marketing campaigns. You will be joining our nimble, creative team of three marketing professionals, including a Director of Growth Marketing, Social Media Manager, and Content Marketing Manager. We are a scrappy, eager, team-first group that fosters a culture of constant learning and improvement, and we believe that failure is an opportunity to get better. We value data-supported decisions in a nurturing, democratic, open, and respectful environment.
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Senior Software Engineer - PHP / Laravel (Remote)
Remote, Product & Engineering, Full-Time
We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who thrives on the challenge of building scalable software. If you know web applications (bonus points for Laravel PHP) like the back of your hand and can parachute (safely) into any project, join Industry Arts in building an innovative platform to fix the way Hollywood discovers screenwriters!
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Tech Lead - PHP / Laravel (Remote)
Remote, Product & Engineering, Full-Time
We're looking for a Technical Lead at Coverfly to oversee all aspects of architecting and developing new and innovative applications. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and new product development in an established company that is rapidly growing. This is a great opportunity for a software engineer looking to further expand their well-established career into product. The ideal candidate will be excited about solving complex problems, take ownership, and enjoy working with technologies like Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Vue, and AWS. This role is 20% management / 30% product / 50% hands-on engineering.
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Breaking into Hollywood as a writer shouldn’t be about who you know, how old you are, what you look like, or where you’re from. It should primarily be a function of how well you can tell a story in the form of a screenplay.
Scot Lawrie, Co-Founder & Advisor
Limitations of the Screenwriting Competition Model, and How Coverfly Wants to Improve It