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List of Lists: Where Are the 2021 Writers Now?

By December 14, 2022December 15th, 2022About Coverfly, Success Stories
List of Lists: Where Are the 2021 Writers Now?

Coverfly and its partners have the privilege of working directly with thousands of writers; reading tens of thousands of samples, and servicing hundreds of industry professionals scouting new talent and material. In many cases– if not most– we are the first touchpoint for a writer launching a successful career. That’s why we launched the inaugural Coverfly List of Lists and Tracking Board Next List at the end of 2021.

The first is designed to celebrate the bests of the year-end lists, the latter to highlight the top emerging voices, and to put them and their team front and center rather than just their samples.

When we compiled the list we thought, if nothing else, it will be interesting to look back a year later and see what the featured writers accomplished. We knew there would be some cool highlights, but we were blown away by what the 2021 selections accomplished in 2022.

Let's go over a few of them from the 2021 Coverfly List of Lists and the Tracking Board Next List.

Next List Successes

Here is an eye-popping breakdown. From the inaugural Next List, in the past year, of the 30 featured writers we had:

  • Co-EP of HBO Max series LEGENDARY
  • Staff writer on Sony/Peacock series TWISTED METAL
  • Writer on the Emmy award-winning series ARCANE
  • Optioned their feature to LuckyChap, Amy Lo, and Indian Paintbrush producing.  Christina Choe directing
  • Staffed on STRAIGHT MAN at AMC
  • Story Editor on Season 2 of AMC series DARK WINDS
  • Staff writer on DINNER WITH THE PARENTS for CBS Studios and Amazon
  • Story Editor on latest season of STRANGER THINGS
  • Staff writer on Netflix series THE CRAVING, EP’d by Darren Aronofsky
  • Director of an episode for Issa Rae’s RAP SH!T on HBO Max
  • Winner of Special Jury Award for Directing and Community Filmmaking at SXSW
  • Staff writer on latest season of BRIDGERTON
  • Staff writer on Mahershala Ali series THE PLOT on Onyx
  • Staff writer on BEEF on Netflix
  • Staff writer on THE CLEANING LADY on Fox
  • Staff writer on Tessa Thompson podcast THE LEFT/RIGHT GAME
  • Feature film produced by Voltage Pictures
  • Staff writer on Freeform’s SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE
  • Winner of Disney Fellowship

All of this SINCE the release of the list.


Best Unrepped Writers Who Have Since Signed

Not to be outdone, we had similarly encouraging results from our inaugural Best Unrepped Writers List as 7 of the featured writers have since signed with representation at major management companies and agencies.

  • Jay Franklin: Staffed on Netflix S2 of Sandman signed with Circle of Confusion
  • David L. Williams: Signed with manager at Gramercy Park + agents at Verve, optioned feature Clementine
  • Russel Goldman: Signed with agents at Verve
  • Baakal Geleta: Signed with managers at Entertainment 360
  • MacKenzie Fallon: Signed with a manager at Authentic, developing a feature film with production company End Cue
  • Caroline Renard: Signed with managers at Artists First

2021 Most Viewed Project Wins

One of the most popular resources on the Coverfly Industry portal is the search functionality that provides hyper-specific results down to the format, genre, subgenre, writer background, representation status, ethnicity, or unique life experience. Take a look at this breakdown of successes from Coverfly's Most Viewed Projects List of 2021.

  • Neer Shelter | CALL OUT: Signed two shopping agreements with Citizen Skull
  • Jennifer Grand | THE THIRD STAGE: Signed an option agreement with John Funk Productions
  • Asabi Lee & Paul Hart-Wilden | HAUNTING AT 1600: Attracted attention from several producers; writers got hired to write Gabourey Sidibe's PALE HORSE with Chris Courtney Martin after being featured and repped through Coverfly
  • Thomas Douglas Mann | GET HAPPY: Signed a shopping agreement with Citizen Skull Productions
  • Tricia Lee: GOOD CHANCE: Signed with a literary manager at Neon Kite; project currently has EPs attached

As Coverfly has continued to grow and evolve, we are excited and honored by the opportunity to support thousands of writers in varying stages of their careers.  In 2022 alone we were able to help writers land a paid writing gig at Paramount, staff on a Hulu series, and release their film on Netflix.

As the industry evolves and presents new opportunities with new challenges for writers, Coverfly remains committed and excited to help whomever, however we can.

We will see you all in 2023!

The 2022 List of Lists is out now!