Coverfly Partner Contest Criteria

By July 3, 2018 December 9th, 2019 Uncategorized

At Coverfly we believe that screenwriting competitions can be effective and valuable avenues to early career success for emerging writers.  That said, there are contests out there with less-than honest claims and dubious track records. All writing competitions, fellowships, labs and festivals on Coverfly are held to strict quality standards and must adhere to the criteria below.

As a service to writers, Coverfly carefully considers a screenwriting competition’s merits before allowing a competition to be listed on Coverfly.

A screenplay contest, fellowship, lab or writing program on Coverfly must adhere to all of the following criteria:

  1. Ethical Marketing: a Coverfly partner must make no false claims in marketing material or on its website, including email marketing, social media marketing and Google search marketing. Every claim must be truthful and transparently communicated on the competition website.
  2. Ethical Judging: a Coverfly partner must clearly state its evaluation process and carefully review each submission. The people reviewing submissions must be qualified to evaluate screenplays, and must have requisite industry experience. The evaluation process must include multiple rounds of evaluation, and the competition must publicly announce the winner(s).
  3. Transparent Industry Reach and/or Creative Development: a Coverfly partner must provide genuine entertainment industry access, exposure and/or mentorship, as defined by offering at least one of the following:
    • One or more specifically named judge(s) on the contest page who is/are industry professional(s), as defined below.
    • One or more specifically named mentor(s) who who is/are industry professional(s), as defined below.
    • A verified public track record of past competition winners who have gone on to achieve industry career momentum by either signing with a reputable manager and/or agent, and/or earning money for professional writing services.
    • Winner’s project is guaranteed production, either as a film or series, or as a live table read, at a high production quality at the discretion of Coverfly.

We define “industry professional” as a person who has on-screen above-the-line credits on at least one commercially released feature film and/or at least one commercially released television episode, or who is an agent or manager with clients who have on-screen credits as writers or directors, or who is an executive at a company with theatrical and/or commercially-released film and/or TV credits.

If you have any questions or concerns about the quality of any competition that is listed on Coverfly, please feel free to email us directly: We will respond to you promptly.