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Coverfly Admin Updates for Partners

By Hidden

As the industry-standard screenplay submission management platform, the Coverfly team has been hard at work on new updates for our partners. Our most recent batch of updates to partner management tools makes it even easier for our partners to manage their programs. 

From opening date all the way to winner announcements, Coverfly offers the tools for screenwriting talent-discovery programs to operate effectively and efficiently. You’ll now have the ability to create custom scorecards, pools of readers, and evaluation flows for each entry type in your program’s season. Here’s a closer look at how each updated feature works:

The season manager

This page received a facelift to make it easier to navigate. Here, you’ll be able to edit copy, images, dates, prices, and entry types for your program. The menu along the left hand side allows for easier movement between page elements.

The scorecard builder

The new read type/scorecard builder lets you build and preview multiple scorecards for script evaluation. You can add custom score categories, add standalone fields like pass/consider/recommend inputs, customize scoring instructions, set pay, and create questions for readers to address even the most granular details. It’s now easier than ever to control what your readers see and what kind of feedback you send back to writers. 

The pool editor

Pools give you the ability to control which readers see which scripts. On this page, you can create any number of custom pools for readers. You can choose to have all of your readers in one pool to access all submitted scripts or have a different pool for each round of reading.

The reader page

Here’s where you’ll add reader details like names, login emails, and pools. The page also includes a handy tool to notify all of your readers at once via email.

The evaluation flow tool

And now that you’ve gone through and built out a season to start accepting submissions, created pools of readers, and set up custom scorecards, you can put all of that information together to build the evaluation flow for each entry type. On this page, you’ll be able to set how many times a script gets read, which of your readers will have access to it, and which scorecard they’ll use to evaluate it. 

All that’s left is to watch those submissions roll in from motivated and talent emerging writers. Log in to your Coverfly Partner account to see the newest changes today!