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The Mentorship Sessions
This will be a live ongoing series from September - October 2023.
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About Career Lab

Coverfly Career Lab: The Mentorship Sessions is an interactive series of online events designed to empower screenwriters by exploring the paths industry professionals have navigated towards success. Through workshops, stories, and conversations, writers will hear career-defining details from established pros to give writers insight into planning their own careers for the long term, plus opportunities to ask questions of their own. 

You’ll walk away from this series with perspectives from agents, managers, writers, actors and more to help navigate your screenwriting path forward. 
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"I received so many helpful tips from the amazing writer panels today. Great advice on branding, working with managers & agents, and staying hired!"
Kameishia Wooten

Mentorship Sessions

This will be a live, ongoing series from September-October 2023. Sign up below for one event, several events, or all events. Each event is free, and you can join live or watch on-demand for one week after the event is over.
Friday, September 29, at 11:00 am PT

The Development Process

Adam Kolbrenner | Literary Manager at Lit Entertainment
Zach Dean | Screenwriter (THE TOMORROW WAR, FAST X)
Join us for a discussion between manager and screenwriter as they take us on a journey through developing Zach's projects. We'll look at previous projects like THE TOMORROW WAR, and DEADFALL to explore how they worked together as a team to create and sell successful, produced films. Stay until the end to ask them questions directly!
Sunday, October 1, at 11:00 am PT

Writing Personal Stories

Lorien McKenna | Writer & Producer (UP, CURIOUS GEORGE, TAB TIME)
Meg and Lorien take a deep dive into what it means to “Write into the lava.” What is the Lava? It’s the deeply personal reason you write, what gives power to your story, and what differentiates your script so that it rises above. Using their own experiences as professional writers, they will explore why we tell the stories we do and how we use our lava to tell those stories.
Monday, October 9, at 4:00 pm PT

The Magic Behind Writing Animated Stories

Jim Capobianco | Screenwriter & Director (THE INVENTOR, RATATOUILLE)
Join us for an engaging and insightful Q&A session with Academy Award nominated screenwriter Jim Capobianco (RATATOUILLE). Jim will share his experiences, challenges, and successes writing for Disney and Pixar, plus how he took his new animated film THE INVENTOR from concept to premiere. You’ll also have the chance to ask burning questions about the creative process, character development, world-building, and the industry’s evolving trends. Our conversation will leave you inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge about animation storytelling.
Thursday, October 12, at 4:00 pm PT

Horror Stories: From a Talent's Perspective

Barbara Crampton | Producer & Actress
Barbara Crampton has been acting for four decades and been an integral part in some of the most beloved indie horror films. We talk to Barbara about what draws her to a specific project, why she connects with a script and hear some stories from her favorite films.
Tuesday, October 17, at 4:00 pm PT

The Post-Strike Playbook: Insight From Literary Managers

Jeff Portnoy | Literary Manager, Bellevue Productions
Jon Hersh | Literary Manager, Housefire Management
Chris Coggins | Literary Manager, Heroes & Villains Entertainment
Coverfly chats with three prominent literary managers about the current state of Hollywood for screenwriters, and how literary managers have adjusted the way they work with writers. This virtual panel is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and engage with experienced literary managers as they discuss how writers can navigate the landscape once the WGA strike ends.
"The #CoverflyCareerLab was excellent. Every panel was so informative+encouraging. Completely inspired me to #KeepWriting and #KeepBelieving! Thank U ⁦@Coverfly⁩ #Screenwriting #WriterLife #DreamsDoComeTrue"
Janete Scobie

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