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By July 9, 2019 July 12th, 2019 Announcements

Today we’re thrilled to announce the rollout of our latest writer discovery initiative: free, bi-monthly live table reads of projects atop The Red List.

Coverfly’s core mission is to facilitate the discovery of talented writers. That means helping writers get started, develop their projects, and gain exposure on those projects when they’re ready.

We already offer various free tools that help writers gain exposure on their projects, including free hosting on our Industry Dashboard (where hundreds of industry execs are currently browsing), Coverfly Pitch Week*, free project file sharing, a curated list of screenwriting competitions and fellowships, and The Red List.

Live table reads, on the other hand, bolster the tooling we provide for the bottom end of the project development pipeline – helping writers write. We think this complements the other two programs in this category, our fee waiver program and coverflyX.

The inaugural Coverfly Live Table Read (June 2019)

We are selecting writers with high Coverfly Scores who have a project that could benefit from a live performance. Basically, if there is a project with two characters and hardly any dialogue, it probably wouldn’t benefit from this. As much as THE QUIET PLACE was a great movie, a silent film may not make for an exciting table read. There needs to be something performative about the piece.

We are doing it on the first and third Saturday of each month. The table reads are produced and cast by our partner Shaan Sharma and his team at The Storytellers Conservatory and professional CSA (Casting Society of America) casting directors. The cast are entirely professional union actors. They are held at Culver City Casting Studios, the American Film Institute (AFI), or the Writers Guild Foundation Library.

The events basically serve three purposes: (1) a chance for actors, writers, casting directors, and creators to network, (2) allow the writer to workshop the latest draft of their project by seeing and hearing it aloud, and (3) the fun for the writer of actually seeing their material on their feet for typically siloed writers.

We hope this free program will enrich the work and careers of 24 writers on Coverfly each year.

Happy writing!

*Coverfly Pitch Week is a week where we set up hundreds of virtual meetings between top Coverfly writers and literary managers and agents. It has been in stealth-mode and hasn’t been formally made public yet. There will be a public announcement about it soon!

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  • Gary King says:

    Definitely interested in being considered for this! My script ENCOUNTERS is on The Red List! Thanks!

  • Hi!
    As a SAG-AFTRA actor and a script reader for Coverfly, this is great! I’m also getting my Masters at UCLA in film production and development. Do you have a NY affiliate doing this as well? I’d love to get involved.
    Jody Flynn Sauer

    • Shaan Sharma says:

      Hi Jody! Happy to discuss either supporting you starting a series in NY or helping us with ours here in LA. It would be nice to have another person with a college education involved. 🙂

  • Dennis Sacco says:

    Is there a cost to the writer for cover read?

  • This is exciting. How are the scripts selected? Your email announcement indicates projects that are “atop” of the Red List. Is there a submission process if a project of ours is on The Red List for a given month in a given genre in a given format?

    Thanks in advance for your reply 🙂

  • DeElva Mary Harrill says:

    How does a writer manage to get their script into the approved for Table Read pile?

  • Carol Dorn says:

    I’ve been trying to get something like this going at NYWIFT. I wish you great success with this and will spread the word at our New Works lab and elsewhere.

    • Shaan Sharma says:

      Hi Carol! Feel to call me and discuss what we’re doing and if we can support you in starting a reading series for NYWIFT in any way, it would be our honor to do so. We got an internal submission system started with WGA West, so maybe you can connect with our brothers and sisters in WGA East, as well as the CSA casting directors in NYC.

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