Announcing Hosted, Shareable Coverfly Project Pages

By September 28, 2018 October 8th, 2018 Announcements

Today we’re rolling out a feature that we think writers are going to love: hosted project landing pages that writers can easily share with their network.

Let’s say you’ve got a project on Coverfly. If you’ve made the project public, it may show up on The Red List, and Coverfly industry users can access it on their industry dashboard. But what if you want to share your project with colleagues, friends, and family?

A sample project landing page.

Now you can. Just go to any project from your projects page and click “Share” to get a beautiful, shareable landing page for your project that displays your project’s key details and competition successes. By default, no one except you has access to this page, but you can change the page’s privacy settings to allow anyone with the link to that page to view and download your project.

We won’t list the link/page anywhere, so if you enable anyone with the link to view your project, only those with whom the link is shared will be able to find it.

No more uploading your latest draft to Dropbox to share it – now you’ve got a free, hosted URL for your project. Coverfly doesn’t charge a penny for this service, and no credit card or personal information is needed to use it.

Happy sharing!