Hands Off

Finally, a platform that manages your screenplay contest for you so you can focus on your messaging, your brand, and your audience.


Designed top to bottom to make managing screenplay contests easy.

Secure, Branded Checkout

Get an SSL-encrypted checkout form, customized with your brand and style, at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Accept Submissions from All Platforms

Automatic submission imports from FilmFreeway, WithoutABox, or any other platform to one simple, central judging platform.

Your Judges or Ours

Set your judges up on our platform for hands off script distribution, or let Coverfly's robust staff of judges do the work for you.

Submission Distribution

Every submission gets a new judge each round, and judges can choose when and what to judge.

Custom Scoring

Configure scoring categories however you'd like. See all of your submissions' scores, filterable and sortable in one place for easy reviewing.

Additional Feedback

Optionally add written feedback (one or more pages of notes) to the slate of reads in your contest, and have it automatically sent back to readers upon completion.

Detailed Tracking

Get real-time detailed reports on submissions, earnings, scores, and the status of advancing submissions.

Marketing Consultation

Receive a free development plan to maximize exposure for your contest, tapping into Coverfly's extensive experience launching and managing contests.

Prize Packaging

Leverage Coverfly's connections with sponsors to develop truly compelling prize packages for the winners of your contest.

No Setup Fees

Don't pay a thing for integrating your new or existing contest with our platform--our customer service team will get you set up free of charge.

Transparent Pricing

Pay an agreed-upon fixed rate per submission, period. No hidden fees, no upselling, nothing shady.

Risk Free

Completely eliminate the risk of making a loss on your contest by only paying for submissions that have actually been bought. Don't worry about not hitting your projections (but we'll get you there).

The Secret Sauce

Coverfly's proprietary cloud-based software is the result of a collaborative effort by writers and software engineers. It ensures that money is spent paying the judges, not on administrative overhead. Here's a peek inside its engine.

Automatic Assigning

Scripts are only available to judges that haven't already scored the script. Judges can claim at their convenience and preference so you don't spend time assigning and reassigning.

Optimized Deadlines

Reader deadlines are optimized for readers based on workload and entries to make sure contest announcement dates are never missed.

Surge Pay

Judges are paid even more during rush periods to protect your festival deadlines, at no additional cost to you.

Score Normalization

Scores are normalized to ensure scoring fairness for submissions across the board.

Submission Advancement

By configuring the exact parameters of your contest with you in advance, our platform advances projects to further rounds immediately.

Top Rate Judges

If you don't already have a staff of judges, you can use ours. They are the cream of the crop, meticulously trained and screened, with years of experience.

Who's it for?

If you're a blog, an existing contest with hundreds or even thousands of annual submissions, or a film festival looking to expand your offerings, this is the product you've been waiting for.

Blogs and Websites

Contests are a great way to engage an audience with your blog or filmmaking website. With no overhead and very little work, you can promote the best writers in your audience and get the word out about your site.

Film Festivals

Nothing is better for a film festival than expanding the audience of filmmakers involved. Writers are eager to engage with other filmmakers and film festival sponsored contests are perfect for that.

Existing Contests

Have your own readers or audience already? No problem - use your team and our platform to optimize the process and save you both time, money, and headaches. It’s actually a perfect fit and your judges will thank us.

how it works

Three easy steps to launching your own contest.


You and Coverfly collaborate on designing the rules, pricing, prizes, and structure of the contest.


Coverfly integrates with your submission front-end and we start collecting submissions.


You develop a marketing plan to get the word out to your audience and beyond while Coverfly executes judging.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at support@coverfly.com

So how much does this cost?

We will work with you to design a contest that is profitable for your festival’s needs. Usually, first time screenwriting contests cost somewhere around $15-$30 per entry, so that means if you charge entrants $50, you’re making over 50% margin. If you already have a contest and want to use your own readers, our SaaS services are way less expensive than hiring an administrative assistant to manage all of your submissions or doing it yourself.

How much work will it be on my end to launch a screenwriting contest?

If you are launching a contest with our readers, it only takes about 1-2 hours per year on your end. However, we encourage you to invest a little more time into marketing the contest and building it up with your audience, because the success will be dependent on you getting the word out to your audience.

How can the prices be so reasonable?

We’re the only automated screenplay contest management platform. Everyone else is paying for administrators to download files, e-mail judges, fill out excel spreadsheets, and so on. Our software does everything automatically so you’re only paying for readers – not administrators.

Have others been successful?

WeScreenplay was the first contest to use Coverfly’s technology. The contest has grown from around 100 entries per year to over 3,000 entries between their three main contests in just 2 years. This kind of growth is only possible because all the friction of management has been removed.

What's the catch?

The actual marketing of the contest is mostly on you. You don’t have to spend money on marketing, but you’ll need to make sure to get the word out. It’s also on you to build a compelling prize package for your winners, though we’ll help with that. We have sponsors who are willing to start you off with some prizes.

Who's behind Coverfly?

Coverfly was co-founded by a writer and a software engineer. The goal was to create technology that would leave the human element of writing and creativity up to humans, and everything else up to computers. We love discussing technology just as much as we do the film industry.

OK, but how much does it cost?

It's simple--we charge per entry so that you can run your contest at no risk. You never pay a monthly fee. You never pay a setup fee. You never pay any hidden fees. Together we determine a package that meets your needs, and then you pay for the entries on a monthly basis, billed after FilmFreeway and Withoutabox have paid you.

How long does judging take?

Since everything is automated and we have surge pricing and optimized timelines in effect, judging is pretty fast. We need 1 week per round of judging between the final deadline and the announcement date. So if you have 3 rounds of reads, then we need 3 weeks to complete them. We can meet faster deadlines if necessary, but it may impact the price, depending on the season.

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