Coverfly is such an excellent service for writers. The platform has been so vital to my writing career. Industry leaders were able to read my work and because of the exposure, I now have a wonderful literary manager who has skyrocketed my career.

La’Chris Jordan

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Coverfly Endorsed Writer, Nicole Feste, signed with a Literary Manager at Management 360 after Coverfly provided career consulting.
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After being featured as an Endorsed Writer, Tea Ho signed with a Literary Manager at Bellevue who found her on Coverfly.
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Discovered on Coverfly, Lamar Legend signed with a literary manager at 3 Arts after being introduced by the Coverfly team.
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Discovered on Coverfly, Jason Partridge signed an Option Agreement with an Australia Production Company after being introduced by the Coverfly team.
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After being introduced by the Coverfly Development Team, Elise Brown signed with a television literary agent at The Gersh Agency.
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After being discovered on Coverfly, Emilie Wapnick signed a shopping agreement for her webseries QUEERDOS with a production company.
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After participating in Coverfly Pitch Week and being endorsed by the Coverfly team, Doua Moua signed with a literary manager at Romark Entertainment.
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Molly Kiernan & Kate Shine signed with a Literary Manager at Kreativ Artists after Coverfly introduced them.
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Coverfly Writer/Director Stéphanie Joalland, whose project ICE was featured in Coverfly's Pitch Week, secured a deal with a film sales company to finance and distribute her upcoming feature film.
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